Rumours and Intelligence



* The bandit Connell Stumps was last seen riding west on the north bank of the Greyflood. (Nórui 2945 T.A.)

* The Dunlending chieftain Emyr grows weary of rule in Tharbad. (Gwaeron 2946 T.A.)

Hollin (Eregion)

* A Ranger patrol from Barad Naith uncovered a ruin in Eregion but were unable to explore due to inclement weather, haste, and a lack of proper equipment. (Hithui 2945 T.A.)


* Dunlending slavers of Clann Dwyafon take slaves and steal cattle for trade to the Goblins of the Misty Mountains. Clann Dwyafon’s raids strike chiefly along the Greenway as far south as Rohan’s northern marches. For the slaves and cattle, Clann Dwyafon receives iron weapons and armour. (Girithron 2945 T.A.)


Rumours and Intelligence

Rangers of the North Hardrada