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There are many potential resources for a role-playing game set in Middle Earth. This wiki is primarily intended serve as a master resource for this particular campaign. Naturally, for sake of simplicity, some information from other sources will be reproduced here. We shall endeavour, however, to maintain all rules and information specific to this campaign within this wiki. Player input is highly encouraged where appropriate.

Campaign Rules

Pages within this section discuss issues specific to character creation, game mechanics, including house rules, errata, and clarifications.

Chronicles of the Company

Pages in this section provide information regarding the fellowship’s adventures, including an annal of its accomplishments as well as rumours and intelligence gathered during its travels.


This section provides information regarding locales visited in the course of the company’s adventures.

Source Material

Pages within this section summarize and categorize source material in order to facilitate research and immersion.

Main Page

Rangers of the North Hardrada