Ulfgrim Vandrauga

Former servant of the Necromancer and lieutenant of Skuli the Red; slain in 2945 T.A.


Ulfgrim typically wore a mail coat and helm and fought with arming sword and shield. Often, however, he would hang back in a melee, preferring instead to conjure phantasms and strike fear in weak-hearted foes with fell words of power.


The chief lieutenant of Skuli the Red, Ulfgrim Vandrauga spoke little of his origins but it was clear from his mannerisms and speech that he hailed from the Woodmen communities of the Anduin. Long he served the Necromancer and much skill he gained in the conjuring of phantasms and other diabolic practices before his dark master was driven from Mirkwood. Ulgrim rarely spoke save to give counsel to Skuli and was chiefly known for rarely missing an opportunity to do evil for evil’s sake. Thanks to his efforts to gain followers for the Necromancer and his vocal disdain for traditional Dunlending culture, Ulfgrim was hated by most of Emyr’s followers and argued often with Content Not Found: sechnaill.

Ulfrim was slain at Skuli’s side in 2945 when they were ambushed by Rangers of the North assigned to the garrison at Barad Naith.

Ulfgrim Vandrauga

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