Skuli the Red

Former servant of the Necromancer; slain in 2945 T.A.


Skuli fought with a long-hafted axe, normally wielded with both hands, and typically wore a mail coat and helm. He was known for his bewildering roar and horrible strength; few could withstand him long in battle.


Tall as a Dúnadan but broader with dark green eyes, long red hair, and a bushy moustache, Skuli the Red was a cunning Man of middle age from the lands between Mirkwood and the River Running. He enlisted himself in service to the Necromancer as a young man and did much evil to Woodmen and Elves over the span of a decade. After Dol Guldur’s fall, Skuli led his gang south, eventually joining forces with Emyr the Dunlending and Connell Stumps in 2944. Skuli was on poor terms with several of Emyr’s lieutenants but gave lip-service to Connell in return for support. Skuli anticipated a reckoning but hoped to subvert more Dunlendings first.

In late spring of 2945, Skuli and Connell Stumps led a group of marauders on a great sweep north and north east of Tharbad, robbing and killing dozens on the Greenway and Great East-West Road including a Dúnadan Ranger and a Noldo Elf near the Last Bridge. Skuli, his lieutenant Ulfgrim Vandrauga, and several followers were tracked down and ambushed by a patrol of Rangers from Barad Naith the following month.

Skuli the Red

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