Culture: DĂșnedain Standard of Living: Frugal
Cultural Blessing: Strong Willed
Calling: Slayer Shadow Weakness: Curse of Vengeance
Specialties: Enemy Lore (Orcs), Region Lore (Eriador), Fire-making
Distinctive Features: Fierce, Trusty
Body: 5 (7) Heart: 4 (7) Wits: 5 (6)

Endurance 30 Heart 14
Fatigue 19

PERSONALITY Awe:1 Inspire:1 Persuade:0
MOVEMENT Athletics:2 Travel:2 Stealth:1
PERCEPTION Awareness:2 Insight:2 Search:0
SURVIVAL Explore:1 Healing:1 Hunting:2
CUSTOM Song:2 Courtesy:0 Riddle:0
VOCATION Craft:0 Battle:1 Lore:3

-Weapon Skills-

Long Sword: 3
Bow: 1
Dagger: 1

Wisdom: 1 Valour: 2 Cultural Reward: Sword of Gondolin

Bow Damage 5 Edge 10 Injury 14 Encumbrance 1
Long Sword 5/7 Edge 10 Injury 16/18 Encumbrance 3
Mail shirt Encumbrance 12 Protection 3d
Iron Cap Encumbrance 2 Protection 1
Buckler Encumbrance 1 Parry mod +1


Faradir learned from Tologion of Rivendell that Faradir’s Sword of Gondolin, an heirloom of Faradir’s family, was crafted by the smith Thamben before Gondolin’s fall. Thamben was slain beside the Noldo hero Ecthelion during the sack of Gondolin in the First Age.

Faradir’s musical inclination is in poetry and the sung word. He sings, and occasionally writes, lays of heroic deeds.

Faradir’s father is dead. His mother and sister maintain a farm in the Angle. His sister has a sharp tongue.


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