Rangers of the North

Faradir's Journal - A Short Patrol

Rescue of Haedirn

Girithron 2nd, 2945 T.A, at Barad Naith

We tried to save Haedirn and Alphros. We attempted to ambush the meeting between the Dunlendings and the Orcs, but their wolves must have smelled us. Several dozen foul Orcs riding their treacherous wolves had us surrounded. They wanted us to surrender, and when we refused fierce, battle by starlight was joined. The bodies of our enemies piled up around us. I slew more Orcs and wolfs that night than in all my previous years combined. When the wolves cam,e I took up my torch: that seemed to keep them at bay to some extent. When they saw they could not beat us, they fled, but we were in no condition to press on. We failed to save our companions.

We marched to Barad Naith in great haste. Our only hope was that we could convince the captain to launch a rescue party. Maybe then there would be a chance that we could intercept the Orc slavers before they returned it to their lair in the mountains. I was close to death for much of our journey back. We had to take a dangerous route through open country. At one point, we camped nearly right on top of a Troll’s den, but we were able to flee before it could attack.

Captain Grinthir did not think twice about sending a rescue party. We leave in the morning with a dozen or so good men. Judging by our previous fight with these orcs, we have the advantage, if we can find them.

Girithron 14th, 2945 T.A., at Barad Naith

Haedirn has been saved! We made good time back towards the Misty Mountains. The stupid Orcs were lazy and unwatchful, likely thanks to the nearness of their lair. We caught them encamped and unawares and made a great slaughter of them. My father’s blade quenched its thirst that day. It is a good thing too because I am quite useless with my bow. I will have to work on that when we get some down time. Haedirn, Orchalthand, and Alphros were both okay. Definitely the worse for wear, but they will recover. I feel my strength returning with my friend at my side once again.



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