Rangers of the North

Annûngûr's Diary - A Short Patrol - Entry One

27th Narbeleth, 2945

To be honest I think I could have used another week or two of rest in Barad Naith. Well maybe rest is a stretch, as I’ve been working pretty hard getting mom’s place ready for winter. She appreciates it though, I know because I’ve been rewarded with my favorite meals lately. I know it bothered her that I was gone for most of the summer and I think she was hoping that I’d be in Barad Naith for the winter. I’m not looking forward to breaking the news to her that Grithnir has dispatched a patrol to Hollin that will include me. I think that I’ll recommend to her that we bring the family together and celebrate with song after a good meal tonight. It will serve me well while I’m away.

28th Narbeleth, 2945

The patrol left Barad Naith today at a brisk pace and consists of myself, Alphros, Orchalthand, Echadamath, Haedirn and Faradir.

4th Hithui, 2945

We made it to the foot of Hollin Ridge. Alphros is sure pushing us to get to Hollin. I’m noticing some of our patrol is struggling to keep up. He’s right though: we have winter coming and we haven’t patrolled Hollin all summer, so we need to get our eyes and ears down there now. I fear the weather is going to start turning on us.

5th Hithui, 2945

We ascended Hollin Ridge. Bad storm and we had a hard time finding shelter.

6th Hithui, 2945

We thought we’d dry out and get back on the path. Well that was before the earth shook and opened up swallowing Alphros. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He fell in what appears to be an Elven ruin from a time when they inhabited Eregion early in the Second Age. We managed to scramble down into the room and dig him out before he drowned. He ended up banging his head pretty good and I had to talk him into resting – he was in no shape to march. I’d like to inspect the subterranean ruin more, especially the statue of Varda. It was one of the most amazing sites I have seen with the mithril crown studded with diamonds. I’m most curious as to what the purpose of a black plate in the muck near the base of the statue. I couldn’t make out any text on the plate, but perhaps it was due to the oxidation and low light within the room. I’d like to further investigate this plate and room.


I have to wonder what the camp follower situation is with Barad Naith. In my first thoughts of it, I imagined it as devoid of any but Rangers. Realistically, though, there are probably a few wives, sisters, and widowed mothers along with a male support staff. There are few enough Rangers that it would only be sensible to free as many Rangers as possible from certain extremely mundane, low-skill duties.

Also, I’m curious as to whether most TOR groups get the impression that they’re traveling too fast or pushing too hard because of the nature of Travel tests and fatigue or if it’s simply poor narration on my part.

Note that I made a few small corrections regarding capitalization but resisted the temptation to do any other editing.


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