Shadow on the Hoarwell



The company hears several rumours. The fortress commander, Grithnir, leads several members of Barad Naith’s garrison to join Lord Glorfindel in the Trollshaws.

A Night at Rostor’s Roost

The watchers at the Roost observe several strange things in the course of the night.

Morning Patrol

The company is directed to conduct a reconnaissance of the far bank of the Hoarwell. They find evidence of foul play and the passing of many Men.

Ill News

The messenger Ivorben bears evil news. Captain Alphros despatches the heroes to track the suspected bandits.


The Homestead

The heroes discover a homestead destroyed by the bandits. They find evidence of murder and worse.

The Trick at Tref Trallwng

The heroes deal a defeat to the bandits following a clever ruse outside the isolated village of Tref Trallwng.

Brychan the Blunt

Following a battle with the bandits outside Tref Trallwng, Annûngûr seeks information and shelter from Brychan the Blunt, the village elder.


Meeting in the Marshes

The company makes contact with the band of brigands whilst negotiating the Hoarwell marshes. Two more ruffians perish before the fellowship makes good its escape.

The Fisherman

Whilst following the bandits’ trail, they discover Moelwyr, a gravely wounded local fisherman, and his sons Lewys and Siarl. Tirithadan renders aid.


The company spots two figures marching north across the rolling hills of Cardolan. Investigation confirms the two are bandits. That night, the company captures and interrogates Amarion, a Man of Gondor, and Hrodhgar, one of the Rohirrim.

Shadow on the Hoarwell

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