Barad Naith


This broken fortress consists of a rocky tumble of crumbling black-grey towers and walls set on a high tor overlooking the confluence of the Hoarwell and the Loudwater. Due to the low profile of the Ranger garrison, no village is associated with the stronghold and the garrison takes extreme measures to avoid detection. Daily business is largely executed below-ground in a small tunnel complex consisting of living quarters and storage. The Rangers prefer to limit cooking to hours of limited visibility deep in the ruins of the fortress. During the day, Rangers watch from a partially rebuilt tower that nevertheless appears ruined. At night, Rangers watch from Rostor’s Roost and Finrod’s Chair.

Finrod’s Chair

This watchpost is set on a rocky hillside overlooking the Loudwater. This watchpost, set in a small hollow and camouflaged by a hedge and several boulders, is northeast of the fortress.

Rostor’s Roost

This watchpost is set on the north-south ridge extending northward from the fortress. Overlooking the Hoarwell, this watchpost is set in a shallow cave and is some two hundred yards above the level of the river.

Barad Naith

Rangers of the North Hardrada