The Swanmaid


The Swanmaid is a mysterious female first discovered on an eyot east of Tharbad. When pressed, she says that in years and ages past, she was known as “Alquaníssë” to Celebrimbor and Galadriel; Elendil and the Men of Númenór knew her as Elphilien. Dark-haired and pale-skinned, the Swanmaid’s beauty has an ethereal quality similar to that of Noldor who lived in Aman under the Light of the Two Trees.

The Swanmaid is closely attuned to the waters of the Greyflood and the Swanfleet and the animals that live therein.

Her counsel:
He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Resort to the sword and valour only when words and wisdom are found wanting.

Her song:
O Mitheithel and Bruinen,
Choirs of mountain springs countless:
Will your songs lament the fallen,
Here laying bloody and lifeless?

Shall your songs remember Strongwing,
His wings now forever more stilled?
Of Sharpeye shall your chorus sing,
How this fair fish hunter was killed?

The Swanmaid

Rangers of the North Hardrada