Tall and well built, Haedirn is a quiet but intent man who prefers to let his actions speak for him.


Name: Haedirn

Culture: Dúnedain Standard of Living: Frugal
Cultural Blessing: Strong Willed
Calling: Warden Shadow Weakness: Lure of Power
Specialties: Region Lore (Eriador), Herb-Lore, Shadow-Lore
Distinctive Features: Elusive, Keen Eyed
Body: 6 (8) Heart: 4 (7) Wits: 4 (5)

-Common Skills-

PERSONALITY Awe:0 Inspire:2 Persuade:0
MOVEMENT Athletics:2 Travel:2 Stealth:2
PERCEPTION Awareness:2 Insight:2 Search:2
SURVIVAL Explore:2 Healing:1 Hunting:2
CUSTOM Song:2 Courtesy:1 Riddle:0
VOCATION Craft:0 Battle:3 Lore:3

-Weapon Skills-

Great Bow: 3
Longsword: 2
Dagger: 1

Wisdom: 3 Valour: 1


Rumours in the Wood, Fierce Archer

Starting Hope: 14 Current Hope: 11
Permanent Shadow: 0 Temporary Shadow: 3 Total Shadow: 3

Total Experience: 20 Experience Points: 5 Advancement Points: 7
Treasure: 0 Standing: 1

Starting Endurance: 30 Current Endurance: 30
Fatigue from Encumbrance: 8 Fatigue from Travel: 0 Total Fatigue: 8

Armour: Leather Corslet Headgear: None Protection: 2d
Base Parry: 4 Shield: None Shield Bonus: 0

Melee Damage Bonus: 6 Ranged Damage Bonus: 8


Great Bow damage: 7 edge: 10 injury: 16 special:
Longsword damage: 5/7 edge: 10 injury: 16/18 special:
Dagger damage: 3 edge: G injury: 12 special:

-Other Gear-
Leather Corslet


What inspired your character’s parents when they chose his name? Does your character have any nicknames or epithets?

Haedirn’s parents named him after a favorite uncle whom perished while on a scouting mission far to the north. Haedrin took it upon himself to follow in that uncle’s footsteps, spending a lot of time on the frontiers in order to keep people and family safe.

2. Describe your character’s appearance. Consider, at a minimum, his height, weight, build, hair, and eye colour. Does your character have any tattoos, scars, or other distinguishing marks?

Tall and muscular, many people Haedrin meets outside the Dunedain’s holdings find him somewhat intimidating. Dark brown hair and eyes, as well as a face that is usually absent of emotion tend to keep others at a distance.

3. Describe your character’s personality. Is he an extrovert or an introvert? Is he essentially an optimist or a realist? Does he consider every action carefully or typically act without thinking? Is he calm-headed or hot-tempered? How does he prefer to resolve problems?

Haedirn isn’t a socially well adjusted individual, and he knows it. He uses his intimidating appearance and indifferent attitude to keep people from attempting to start up a conversation. In groups comprised of his own people, Haedirn is much less anti-social, though still awkward, and this has caused him to cultivate a quiet bearing, even if he is not actively trying to avoid interactions.

Haedirn knows that life is hard, and the only way to succeed is to accept things the way they are. He is patient in assessing a situation, and determining a course of action. Once that is done however, he act decisively and without hesitation. This is particularly true in conflict situations, where he errs on the side of caution and strikes down potential threats before letting them become aware of his presence.

4. Describe your character’s mannerisms. What are his favourite things and activities? Do others associate particular behaviours or sayings with your character?

Haedirn is constantly assessing his environment. Some people think this is a sign of paranoia, but to Haedirn it is simply prudent to be aware of your surroundings at all times. This leads to some of his problems at social interaction, as he rarely keeps his full attention on who he is speaking to. This attention to detail also leads Haedirn to perform maintenance on his equipment more often that may be necessary, and he can often be found in camp sharpening his sword, or checking his bow for damage.

5. Describe your character’s family. To which professions is your family connected? How does your character relate to his ancestors, parents, siblings, and other relatives?

Haedirn comes from a long line of rangers on both sides of his family. The men have almost without exception served more than their required time as protectors of their people. This has put some stress on the family at times, as this also means that the extended family has lost more than most. Haedirn was an only child for many ears, but recently his family was blessed with another son and a daughter. This was a blessing for Haedirn beyond the usual pleasure of new siblings, as he feels that his place is in the Rangers, and he no longer has to worry about what his loss would mean to his family.

6. According to the Adventurer’s Book, “a character’s calling is what motivated him to seek a life of adventure and keeps him on that dangerous path every day.” How did your character discern his vocation?

Haedirn believes his job is both to be the first set of eyes for his people, as well as being the strong arm that wards the settlements. The uncle whose name he bears was a strong influence, and Haedirn believes that dying to protect his people is a noble, and perhaps, inevitable ending to his story. Given the choice, he would rather destroy the threat rather than falling to turn it aside, as he can longer serve his people if he is dead.

7. A life in the wild, exploring dark places and fighting desperate battles, wears on the spirit. How does your character banish weariness, fear, and sadness? If it is through Craft, what things does he make? If through Song, what is your character’s favoured form of artistic expression? Describe your character’s greatest accomplishment in this field.

Haedirn thoroughly enjoys storytelling, particularly in the pseudo-song fashion of epic tales. Not only do the stories speak to the history of his people, they also serve as instructional material; a guidepost that Haedirn uses to walk his path. The ability these stories have to reaffirm his purpose are what carry him through dark periods in life.

8. How does your character define success? What does he want to accomplish in the next five years? How does he envision retirement?

Haedirn measures success by the degree to which objectives were completed. This essentially divides his world view into success and failure, and while there may be varying degrees of both, Haedirn tends a failure is a failure no matter how small, and a success is a success no matter the cost.

Haedirn has no particular goal for the immediate future, as he is well content to be fulfilling his duty as a Ranger. Neither has he thought much about life after retirement, as he fully expects to die in the service of his people, though he does hope that it will be many long years from now, after training future generations of Rangers.

9. Describe any major influences on your character not previously discussed. What major events shaped his life? Does your character have any regrets or sources of guilt? What does your character fear?

Haedirn was on one of his first extended patrols of the land north of the Dúnedain’s settlements, when he encountered an armed party. He managed to get word to a nearby Ranger station, who had been informed of the possibility of intruders coming from the north. Haedirn was ordered to follow the travelers, whom turned out to be of no threat. However, while he was pulled from his normal position to follow the simple travelers, bandits moved through the gap and raided a settlement, killing a half dozen and making off with a large amount of good. Even though he was following orders, Haedirn perceived that as a personal failure, and it haunts him to this day.

10. What three words best summarize your character?
Quiet, Observant, Decisive


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