A Dunlending bandit captain and the lord of Tharbad


In battle, Emyr wields an arming sword and buckler and wears a mail shirt and cap.


A Dunlending bandit leader of some renown, Emyr is a natural leader known for his cunning. Raised in Rohan to a Dunlending family of some prestige, Emyr fled home in 2936 as a young man after killing a Rider who insulted his birth. As of 2945, Emyr is 33, wiry, and of medium height. His hair and eyes are dark brown and his complexion ruddy and pock-marked. He keeps his hair short and does not wear a beard.

Emyr is not a malevolent man, seeing his banditry simply as the way of things. If pressed, he notes that his men do not prey on the poor, preferring rich travelers instead. Generally, he does not approve of cruelty, though he will employ public punishment when he believes it useful.

As a point of pride, he fights with the arming sword of the Rider he slew.


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