Name: Echadamath
Culture: Dúnedain Standard of Living: Frugal
Cultural Blessing: Strong Willed
Calling: Slayer; Enemy-Lore (Orcs), Curse of Vengeance
Specialties: Smith-craft, Fire-making
Distinctive Features: Bold, Quick of Hearing
Body: 4 (7) Heart: 4 (6) Wits: 6 (7)

Common Skills
PERSONALITY – Awe: 1 Inspire: 1 Persuade:
MOVEMENTAthletics: 2 Travel: 2 Stealth: 1
PERCEPTION – Awareness: 2 Insight: 2 Search: 0
SURVIVAL – Explore: 1 Healing: 1 Hunting: 2
CUSTOM – Song: 2 Courtesy: 0 Riddle: 0
VOCATIONCraft: 2 Battle: 2 Lore: 3

Weapon Skills

(Swords): 4
Dagger: 1
Great Bow: 1

Wisdom: 2 Valour: 2


PERSONALITY – TN18 – 0 Great Success – 0 Trait – 0
MOVEMENT – TN18 – 0 Great Success – 1 Trait – 0
PERCEPTION – TN18 – 0 Great Success – 0 Trait – 0
SURVIVAL – TN18 – 0 Great Success – 0 Trait – 1
CUSTOM – TN18 – 0 Great Success – 0 Trait – 0
VOCATION – TN18 – 1 Great Success – 0 Trait – 1

Reinforced Shield (+1 Parry, Unbreakable)

Swordmaster (Parry bonus equal to Encumbrance of sword)

Starting Hope: 14 Current Hope: 8
Permanent Shadow: 0 Temporary Shadow: 2 Total Shadow: 2

Total Experience: 17 Experience Points: 1 Total Advancement Points: 17 Advancement Points: 9
Treasure: Standing:

Starting Endurance: 30 Current Endurance: 29
Fatigue from Encumbrance: 20 Fatigue from Travel: Total Fatigue:

Armour:- Light Mail Shirt 2D (8enc)- Headgear: Helmet: +4 (6 enc)
Protection: 2D +4

Base Parry: 6 Shield: Medium Shield Bonus: 2+1 (3 Enc) Special Bonus: 3 (Swordmaster) Total Parry: 12

Melee Damage Bonus: 4 Ranged Damage Bonus: 4


Long Sword (1H) – damage: 5 edge: 10 injury: 16 special: (3 Enc)
Long Sword (2H) – damage: 7 edge: 10 injury: 18 special:
Dagger – damage: 3 edge: G injury: 12 special:

Other Gear


What inspired your character’s parents when they chose his name? Does your character have any nicknames or epithets?

Named by his father, also a smith, as he wished his son to become renowned as a shield maker.

Describe your character’s appearance. Consider, at a minimum, his height, weight, build, hair, and eye colour. Does your character have any tattoos, scars, or other distinguishing marks?

Medium height and build. Brown hair tied back to form a short pony tail, brown eyes. Generally unremarkable except for hardened skin on the hands from long hours at the forge.

Describe your character’s personality. Is he an extrovert or an introvert? Is he essentially an optimist or a realist? Does he consider every action carefully or typically act without thinking? Is he calm-headed or hot-tempered? How does he prefer to resolve problems?

Bold and confident when called to action, but not pushy in social situations. Prefers to have a plan but decisive in split second decision making.

Describe your character’s mannerisms. What are his favourite things and activities? Do others associate particular behaviours or sayings with your character?

Doesn’t engage much in chit chat but will participate in discussions he considers of relevance. DOesn’t tend to smile very often.

Describe your character’s family. To which professions is your family connected? How does your character relate to his ancestors, parents, siblings, and other relatives?

Father was a blacksmith, mother a weaver, brother only reached the age of 4. All killed by orc raiding party. No other relatives.

According to the Adventurer’s Book, “a character’s calling is what motivated him to seek a life of adventure and keeps him on that dangerous path every day.” How did your character discern his vocation?

Had no plans outside of the forge until family were killed – that event set him on the adventuring path to protect others against the orc menace and exact some revenge.

A life in the wild, exploring dark places and fighting desperate battles, wears on the spirit. How does your character banish weariness, fear, and sadness? If it is through Craft, what things does he make? If through Song, what is your character’s favoured form of artistic expression? Describe your character’s greatest accomplishment in this field.

Engrosses himself at the forge and duties at Ranger posts.

How does your character define success? What does he want to accomplish in the next five years? How does he envision retirement?

In orcs dispatched and people protected from harm. Only personal goal is to produce the finest shield made by man to honour his name given to him by his father. Has no retirement plans as expects to eventually be killed in battle with orcs.

Describe any major influences on your character not previously discussed. What major events shaped his life? Does your character have any regrets or sources of guilt? What does your character fear?

Fears being helpless to protect the vulnerable. Sometimes haunted by dreams of the orc raid on his familiy’s stead (he was away getting supplies that night) where he can see everything but is powerless to help.

What three words best summarize your character?

Focused, focused, focused


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