Connell Stumps

A bandit captain


A Man of Bree outlawed in 2935 for Hobbitslaughter, Connell wandered south on the Greenway, surviving by thievery and robbery and reaching Rohan by 2936. Starving, he jumped two Rohirrim encamped north of the Isen. The Riders were cousins of a Rider slain by the Dunlending Emyr and had seized Emyr in order to return him to Rohan for justice. Connell freed Emyr the two worked together until 2945.

In late spring of 2945, Connell Stumps and Skuli the Red led a group of marauders on a great sweep north and north east of Tharbad, robbing and killing dozens on the Greenway and Great East-West Road including a DĂșnadan Ranger and a Noldo Elf near the Last Bridge. Connell was last seen riding west on the north bank of the Greyflood, fleeing from a group of Rangers of the North assigned to the garrison at Barad Naith.

Connell Stumps

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