Rangers of the North

Late Spring, 2945

WHO: A patrol of Rangers assigned to the garrison at Barad Naith.

Annûngûr (Eric) the Slayer; energetic and a good judge of character;
Aruvion (Edgar) the Wanderer; quiet and introverted, preferring solitude to the company of men;
Baradir (Ken) the Wanderer; bold and thoughtful;
Emynion (Ethan) the Scholar; skilled at leechcraft;
Tirithadan (Tim) the Warden; merry, keen-eyed, skilled at leechcraft and herb-lore.

Grithnir the grizzled Commander of Barad Naith, presently in the Ettenmoors leading the garrison’s contingent in support of Lord Glorfindel;
Alphros the Captain, in command at Barad Naith until Grithnir’s return.

WHEN: Nórui 2945 TA.

WHERE: Eastern Eriador, The North.

SEASON: Late spring. The days are growing warmer, though the nights remain cold. Fog is typical for the morning and showers are frequent both night and day. In the farmers’ fields, sowing gives way to haymaking whilst in the downs, livestock grazes hungrily on the late spring grass and the sheep-shearing begins.


  • Orcs spotted in the Ettenmoors, the first raiding parties identified since the Battle of Five Armies four years ago. Rangers from all the garrisons in the Angle have provided troops to augment the wandering companies of Glorfindel and the sons of Elrond.
  • On the far side of the Misty Mountains, a Woodman chieftain named Beorn has claimed the Ford of Carrock. He promises to hold the Ford against Orcs and Trolls, but claims a tithe from any who would cross the Anduin within the compass of his lands.
  • Bandits spotted on the Old East-West Road west of the Last Bridge. After skirmishing with a band of Dwarves marching from the Blue Mountains to Erebor, they clashed with a Troll. Two Eldar — Gûrthondir and Limaurion — came to their aid. After the battle, the bandits robbed the two Elves, slaying Limaurion and leaving Gûrthondir for dead. The bandits, still between fifteen and twenty in number, were last seen moving southwest from the Last Bridge after murdering the Ranger Daervin.

Associated with Shadow on the Hoarwell.


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Late Spring, 2945

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